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To my roommate, SFR Partner in crime and best friend DjDevon3 for al his help in the websites and for being the greatest friend and roommate in the whole wide world!! Thank you for putting up with all my bitchiness and all of that!!

Alex aka Dublex, the most hottest dj, owner of Lexicon Productions and member of the HazmatCrew! Thank You for being soooo adorable and such a sweetheart!! You are the bomb!! Love ya!!  

Stefan from for all the tips, flash, and files to improve my site!

Manny aka Patrick Bateman for taking some of the pics, for hitting parties and Karma Records and for putting up with my bad driving!! 

Barry from Lumonics!! Thanks for welcoming me back to the rave scene last year and for introducing me to Lumonics!!

Dennis aka The SkyTraveler from Jafo Productions!! Keep up the great work!! You are doing a great job with the rave scene up in the Treasure Coast!

Ralph and Frankie from The Hazmat Crew!! Thanks for all you done for the rave scene, for supporting SFR and everything else!!!

Alex aka thePhyberOptik!! Finally, a cutie who is responsible for the Drum n Bass scene in Miami!! ! Buddy you are awesome and you are certainly are part of "the Industry"!! 

Abe Ash from ChaoticProductions and Mass. Buddy you are so succesful on what you do!! You are truly making a difference at the goth/rave scene!! Keep it up!! ;-)

Rob from Culture!!! You are like the main person responsible for the Rave Scene in Miami!! Keep up the good work!!

To  Bobby O Hara, Bobby Dee,  DjSnappy, Stom-Jason, Vdawg, theGhettoRaver, Anthony aka Atrix 500 and Eric, the rest of the Hazmat Crew.  Mitch & the rest of the EuphoriaProject gang, Danny Bled, Kimmie-Dj Storm-, tthe entire crew at Karma Records and everyone else who I basically hang out every damn week/weekend: Thank You to all and Love ya!!


To all of my close friends, fellow promoters, djs, production companies, club owners: thank you for all you guys have done for me , SFR and for the rave scene. Let's keep up the good work!!