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Everything you want to know about SFR Addie!!!  For those of you who don't already know Addie is not my real name!! My name is Adailyn. But I prefer to be call Addie. Like my friend Devon says Addie is something you need for a party...and that's me ;o)... I was born on October 29 1980 in Puerto Rico, where I was raised with my two brothers and lived till age 15. When I was born I was diagnosed with a heart condition which it  will never stop me on doing something wild and daring...  I was a spoiled little brat most of my life till my parents divorced and I moved to the United States with my mother.  I lost my virginity at age 15 to a guy who I thought I was in love with . I attended a catholic high school at the Jersey Shore. That is when I first heard of raves. I went to about 2 and honestly I did not like it. Soon after high school graduation('99) my mother and stepfather decided to move to Miami Florida.... and guess what happened next?? ....I met Bobby Dee... a dj @ UM radio station ..he was the first person I met here in Miami  that was in the rave scene...after that it seems like everyone I met was involved in the scene... which drove me to attend more and more raves and meet more people ....The usage of drugs turned me off and I decided to withdraw from the scene in the Summer of 2001...I started attending rock/punk concerts but soon decided that this wasn't for me ... So I started joining the online rave mailing lists and met people online... I met DjDevon3 online,  who is now my best friend and partner in crime at the time he was planning his festival Spaced Camp which unfortunately got shut down (but that won't stop us!!) and at the time he was the sole owner of SFR..  ... Barry Raphael from Lumonics and J from Ravetent... 3 months later I decided to  spend my New Years at Lumonics ...2 weeks later I finally met in person DjDevon3  @ Lumonics... After that I found myself attending every rave there was and Lumonics every single weekend... I soon realized that The scene is not about Drugs but about MUSIC...Devon introduced me to key people in the scene (djs, ravers, promoters) and asked me to join forces....After that we threw Unity- A House Party- with about 275 heads and SFR Castles in the Sand 1.0 @ Cocoa Beach...We had some personal difficulties( i got kicked out of my house)  which resulted on a Bigger Brigher Better SouthFloridaRaves with its own headquarters...Devon withdraw from the scene and I had to attend every party we supported ... I met more and more key people ... specially three of the most proffesionals promoters in all of SouthFlorida ...Hardrive from theHazmatCrew, DubLeX  from Lexicon Productions, the Phyber Optik and Abe Ash from Kaotic Prooductions ....   Seeing them throw events simply for the love of the scene and being asked by DubLeX  for all my support made me realize that this is my life... this is where I still want to be 10 years from now...supporting parties and throwing them... and the future will only get better..